Problems with A/V Orbital 12x12 platemaker

Our A/V platemaker was working pretty well until recently when the brush unit became unstable. I replaced the feet and leveled it, but it is still not washing out much from the plate. A/V says they don’t know (they are not much help, to be honest). They just say to keep raising or lowering the brush unit until it works. Does anyone have any better advice? Also, if we can’t get it working we may have to replace it, and I could use recommendations. Thanks.

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We got the Stouffer gauge to work and that pointed to the negative as the culprit. We have been making negs for years with our Epson Surecolor 600 using Pictorico film. Suddenly about a week ago, the black is not dense enough. I suspect something in the software. Does anyone have any advie?

I have the exact same setup. Do one or both of these suggestions: try inkjetmail by cone-editions in East Topsham, VT for their opaque blacks and/or clean your nozzle.

Makers of platemaking machines and plate material assume true silver-density film as the image carrier. As true film supplies rapidly decrease, and inkjet becomes the available replacement, expect just this kind of adjustment to procedure. Keep sharing experience. And yeah, always start with the Stouffer gauge.
Every kind of film and plate I have ever used is no longer available, and I dread the next time I need to make a plate.