Vandercook Universal III - works perfectly!

Thank you for your interest!
Vandercook + 3 Crown Royal type cases + 2 rolling type cases and all type included. Don’t ask which fonts they are, there is just too much. Spacers, furniture, quoins, keys and Paul Moxon’s book included. $15,000 firm.

This press was a proof press at the Washington Post in DC from 1960-1972 when technology took over. The history this press saw! Kate Sewalk of Tunnel Press bought the press for a song in 1972 from the Post and it worked happily in Johnstown, PA until 2017 when I trucked it to Sacramento, CA.

New rollers, galley high bed (.968). The press does not have the automatic wash-up. The card with press details is from Fritz Klinke.

Included are 3 Crown Royal type cases — all type included. Mostly metal type and an incomplete wood type drawer.

Also, I have 2 rolling type cases loaded heavily with type that belonged to Mac McGrew (see pics). If you’ve used his book to identify type, you’ll know this name. I will include the galley he used for the cover of his book.

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image: IMG_5600.JPG


image: PalletLoaded.jpeg


image: VandercookGalleyHighBed.jpeg


image: Rollers.jpeg


image: CrownRoyalTypecases.JPG


image: VandercookPic.jpeg


image: VandercookUN-IIISerialNum.jpeg