Need help “pricing” some type

I have 4 drawers of Bodoni type that I am selling. The problem is, I haven’t a clue what they might be worth. The condition of them seems ‘ok’. The drawers are old and dirty. The type hasn’t been used in quite some time (I purchased it all with my letterpress from an older gentleman that had retired).

Any help would be appreciated!!

Oh and the sizes I have are 12, 14, 18 & 24

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Hi Jmiasi,

A lot of the online guides say that the price of type is the price that you can agree with your buyer, ie. there isn’t really a fixed price for your type.

I’m doing fairly well picking up type on eBay at the moment. You can have a look the prices that type has sold for recently from the following link (I’ve assumed you are in the US, so I’ve used the “.com” version of the eBay website):

It’s always an idea to work out the synopsis of the type (how many pieces of type you have for each letter), as the more complete the fount is, the higher price you should expect. Many prospective buyers want to check that the fount hasn’t got significant gaps, so quote the synopsis if you can.

If you chose to sell on eBay, then a photo of the type is a must - it reassures prospective bidders that you really have the goods you are trying to sell. If you have the time and energy, gather the type together in alphabetic order and photograph it - the pictures given on the link above will show you how people do it.

Hope this was helpful, best of luck selling your type.