Heidelberg 10x15 windmill parts from 1950s black ball press

Heidelberg 10x15 windmill parts from 1950s black ball press. Press was used regularly till shop closed 4 years ago. Individual photos available, message me. NOTE: I am limited to payments by Paypal Friends/Family type or US postal money order, shipping to USA only please. Actual shipping added to total. US mail for smaller pieces, UPS Ground for heavier/bulkier parts.
Accessories drawer, with tray, some wear but functions fine, $50. Tool rack with slideout bracket and mounting bolts, condition as shown, wood is oilsoaked from decades of having the press oil gun on the rack, $45. Pile height crank handle, has been repaired a long time ago, has held up for the last 35+ years, $20. Sucker bar with suckers and suction bleed adjuster, all suckers turn off and on. probably could use a flush and blowout, $40. If you need rubber suckers for it can add a bag mixed new and used for $5 additional. Ink fountain cover with logo, bolts, $40. Lid and keeper chain for oil reservoir, $10. Tail stop rod assembly, $25 (I also have stops available). Frisket arms - two L-shaped, one straight, $12 each or $30 for all three. Air filter assembly, mesh filter is bent up but there (replacements available online) $18. Metal distributor roller - turns, a hint of rust on ends that will clean off, probably could use lubrication. We didn’t use this as we only inked up to crash number. $25. Nickel guides, used one or twice, $40. Impression counter with mounting bolts and linkage rod, $75, or $60 without linkage. FCFS. Other parts available - side guides, small stock side guides, tail slowdowns, dividers for 2up feed, etc. - just ask. Shipping to USA only, payment by Paypal Friend/Family.Experienced packer/shipper, can provide Ebay feedback as my bona fides.

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image: IMG_1978 CROP.jpg

IMG_1978 CROP.jpg