Connecting air compressor line to a 10x15 kluge letterpress

Wanted to see if any one can help me figure out how to connect air line to my 10x15 kluge press. Also have a old kluge 14x22 EHD wanted to see how much air is required to run both at the same time.

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Personally, I love huge air compressors. I would get the biggest one you can afford and fit in your shop. Vertical tanks take up less floor space. Horizontal tanks can be put up on a shelf.
If you are running air just for magazine blower then a 5-10 cfm should be adequate. If you are running air for foil separation also, the 10-15cfm should work.
You want a pump big enough to more than handle demand, and a tank big enough to where the pump is not running all the time. If you have any friends with a compressor, ask to borrow it and see if it meets your purpose.That will give you an idea of what you really need.
The pics show my magazine blower set up with a water separator. You will want the separator. The other pick shows the foil air blast. I have another separator right on the tank also. A small fan blowing on the pump head is a good idea. Make sure you can get to the tank drain easily. Empty it often.

image: Klugefoilblower.jpg


image: Klugeairblower.jpg


I will only be using the magazine blower and My friend has a 27 gal. 200 psi air compressor. I will give that a try. Do I Keep at 90psi or lower?

keep it at 90. Use the separator as i have shown. It doubles as a regulator. Make sure you get one with this feature, IE:
separator/filter/regulator. They are common. Probably get one at a decent hardware store.You can also regulate flow with the shut off valve in the pic. If you use the shut off valve to regulate the flow, keep in mind though that initial pressure when you turn it on, will be at 90 psi. The shut off valve will allow full line pressure briefly. The one i have in the pic uses 1/4 NPT threads with a standard quick disconnect air line connection as is found on standard air chuck fittings.

it been a long wait but finally getting my air compressor on Monday so I can try again but got a question are the pump on these old presses repairable?

Also forgot to mention if the pumps are not repairable are there 3rd party vacuum systems that we can use? I know the new kluge uses two vacuum pumps.

If cleaning per the instructions in the manual doesn’t do the trick, you can take it apart and replace the diaphragm. I was successful making one with new leather. Use the old one as a pattern. As I recall, it is cup shaped. Using a hole saw, cut a hole into a piece of plywood. Soak the leather until it’s soft and force it into the hole with the plug and let it sit overnight.

Rebuild instructions for Kluge pump.

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