Vandercook No.1 (Later Model)

Good condition, all original — no repairs or repainting — Vandercook #1 Proof Press. This unit has been stored for many years and other than some surface oxidation on the bed, is in very good shape.

This is the later style without trusses.

The press is a galley height press and can be used with a bed plate or type that is in a galley.

Asking $1,795 plus shipping. Can supply bed plate and dead bars at cost. I can prepare the press for shipment and make all shipping arrangements for buyer at discount.

I also have Nolan, Challenge and Showcard presses as well as a Hohner with adjustable impression. I also have several Vandercook model “0” presses.

Please contact me if interested in the press or if you have further questions. Thanks for looking!

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