Little Joe Proof Press / Ink Testing Press

I have four (4) Little Joe Proof Presses / Ink Test Presses; one is the older style with the lever on top and three are the newer style — two came from a research program and probably pulled less than fifty prints — all are in good mechanical shape and the two units that have has some used need a little cleaning but are otherwise very good shape.

I know that these are primarily designed for proving of offset inks — these can be fitted with a letterpress attachment (gripper) for proving of type and engravings — the capacity is not the largest, but it works.well for pulling proofs on cuts and halftones, as I understand.

I normally rebuild smaller proof presses and platen presses and had planned to modify these for larger capacity and a better gripper/register system. My good intentions — combined with the fact these are rather pricey and a number of people are looking for these for their original intended purpose — I thought I would sell off these units.

Pictures will be posted shortly.

Asking $595 or best offer plus shipping for the older style unit, $795 or best offer for the newer style unit that was used and $1095 each or best offer for either of the two units that came from a research program with very little use, plus shipping. I can prepare for shipping and make all shipping arrangements for buyer at discount.

I also have Nolan, Challenge and Vandercook table top presses as well as a Hohner with adjustable impression. I also have several Chandler and Price Pilot and Kelsey presses and parts.

Please contact me if interested in the press or if you have further questions. Thanks for looking!

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