Letterpreservation Fall ‘22 offerings

As fall is quickly approaching, we at Letterpreservation find ourselves bursting at the seams with quality, reconditioned and rebuilt fine art equipment:

Vandercook #3 OS currently being rebuilt, new rollers, cleaned, polished and painted - 7500

American French Tool 40” - email me

Takach 4072 Litho ( 1 power, 1 manual) converting to Intaglio - email me

Karl Krause 1880 Intaglio 7700

Charles Brand 30” Intaglio, rebuilt (2 in stock) - 7200

Charles Brand 28” Intaglio, rebuilt - 6200

32” Motorized Griffin, reconditioned - Kiss-cut roller beautiful press - 7500

Rembrandt Pelican 24” Intaglio rebuilt - 4400

Rembrandt Elephant 24” Litho rebuilding now - 3900

Potdevin gluing and mounting machines for duplexing both hot and cold from 8” to 60”.. lots of 21 and smaller that can be shipped UPS 1500-8000, email for more specifics.

In the Que:

Reliance Hand Press with frisket - email

Washington Hand Press, with frisket - email

Vandercook 320

Want to take a press for a spin? We have 4 B&B style units above the shop with private baths. Make a weekend of it as others have done.

I can and do deliver, 9-23 in Phoenix, on to Austin, Dallas and home. Mid October in NY state, Long Island and Jersey.

Cheers, and as my dad unabashedly used to say ” There is joy in reproduction” (it was the ’70s after all)

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image: 3460Tak.JPG


image: pdRotary60.jpg


image: CB30W.jpg


image: Griffin32M.jpg


image: Pelican.jpeg


image: Griffin2.jpg


image: R. Hoe (2).jpeg

R. Hoe (2).jpeg

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