C&P Fade


I’ve been trying to trouble shoot this issue and am looking for any suggestions. Using a C&P 10 x 15 press. When printing, there is an obvious “fade” in our prints from bottom up. Wondering if anyone has dealt with similar issues. I’ve tried adjusting the rollers (I have Morgan expansion trucks). Wondering if this is the platen being unleveled? Have been using polymer plates and it has happened on multiple plates. See attached for image. Since using this press I’ve never messed with adjusting the platen—seems intimidating and don’t even know what tools to use for that. Thanks for any helpful insight anyone can provide!

image: Fade.jpg


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If you rotate your plate 90º does it still happen? To me it looks like an over inking issue and maybe a problem with rail wear or form flatness. This doesn’t look like a platen leveling issue unless you’re noticing more impression on that bottom part. If that’s the case then you’d be able to adjust your makeready before going all in on a platen adjustment.


Morgans and photopolymer are not the best combination. Morgans need regular replacement of the tires to maintain concentricity, and if you also over-expand to compensate for low roller tracks, eccentricity is very likely.
Eccentric rollers will give uneven inking in their direction of travel, and flaws would shift up and down.
I knew one printer who took a set of the Morgan trucks and had nylon tires machined to fit them to roller diameter.