Kelsey Excelsior 5x8 + starter items

Kelsey Excelsior 5x8 press for sale. I bought it almost 10 years ago and sadly am just not using it anymore. It’s time for it to move on to someone who will use it! It’s totally functional, no known damage or welds.

Also includes (see photos):
-Polymer rollers (made in 2013 by Elli Evans, used less than 50 times)
-boxcar bases
-Furniture, quoins and key, and a planer. 
-Wood type – vintage set ~190 pieces
-Misc tools, ink, and literature

Notes: The press is currently with my brother in Tacoma Washington for local pickup. It’s been years since I’ve used the press but I will do my best to answer questions. I’m not sure of the age; but believe it’s from the early 30s based on

$1000 or best offer.

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image: Kesey1.jpg


image: Kelsey 2.jpg

Kelsey 2.jpg

image: rollers.jpg


image: Chases.jpg


image: Misc tools.jpg

Misc tools.jpg

image: Wood type.jpg

Wood type.jpg

image: IMG_2774.jpg