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I was hoping someone could tell me what model 5 x 8, Kelsey Excelsior this is. It has a side lever so I haven’t been able to find anything exactly like it online. I bought it restored about 9 years ago, it’s in good working condition and I’m looking to sell but I want to make sure I identify it correctly when selling. Would appreciate any help!

image: Kelsey.jpg


image: SideLever.jpg


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No takers, It looks like a late model body, hooks and arms are older style. I never seen a Kelsey put together with e-clips.
So restored and updated by someone. I have seen one 5x8 sidearm they called a model Q. Almost looks like it was put together to look like the more common 6x10 model X sidearm. Anyone know I would like to add it to my roller book.
any markings on chase holder front up top or on back.

I don’t know if this will help but here are a few more photos…

image: 06_Patented.jpg


image: 05_SideShot.jpg


It’s a bit hard to read the patent but here’s another photo…

image: PatentPencilRubbing.jpg


look at top center behind chase.
these are 6x10 C is size. yours should be
letter B for 5x8. next numbers are year made.
last letter stands for month it was made.
I was mistaken that is a older body of press.

image: IMG_3105.jpeg


I checked the chase and I couldn’t find any markings at all. The only markings are the patent on the chase bed and “the Excelsior” on the body. I’m thinking the chase is probably not original, maybe it was cast. Anyway, thanks @toddspresstime for all your help. Any idea what it’s worth?

price, looks complete with rollers.
money is tighter now it is unique with side arm.
850-1400.00 being able to ship will get bigger money.
if it shows up broke you may need to refund.
I make holders to cary and ship my presses, do not cary by roller arms and handle.

image: IMG_3059.jpeg