10x15 C&P New Style

10x15 Chandler and Price Platen Press available in Lisbon, Iowa. This press came with a lot of items I purchased. I already have a 10x15 and don’t need a second one.
· New Style
· Serial number dates to 1916
· New feed and delivery boards
· Motor runs and start/stop button added under delivery board
· Motor is wired for 120V
· Turns over and runs, but does need a thorough cleaning
· Comes with a chase, rollers, and trucks. Rollers will need to be recovered and trucks are probably shot, but they are with the press
· Crankshaft does have the bend for a treadle but does not come with a treadle
· Mounted on a wooden base. A pallet jack fits under the base for easier for moving
· Sitting on concrete garage floor. Level entry for easy loading.
· Will throw in some tympan if needed and have other items that can be added as well if this is your first press

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