Vandercook #4 for sale

For sale, a lovely Vandercook #4 from late 1951. This press has been in our shop for 12 years, and it is finally needing a new home.

A workhorse in our shop, and in great mechanical shape, this press comes with a unique, and *maybe* Vandercook original work shelf located above the press. This angled shelf came with the press and — if it’s not original, was very well built and installed. It even fits a work light underneath. But if that’s not your style, it comes off with a. few bolts.

Sadly, we are downsizing into a new studio and this one does not fit. Comes with a full furniture cabinet, some good (but not new) rollers, a positive lock-up bar. Serial number is 15465.

We’re sad to see it go, but it simply does not fit. Asking $9500.

Located in Baltimore, MD, in a ground-floor location with easy move-out options. Buyer must move, but I can help rig it out the door and onto a trailer.

Also available for sale - a double-wide wood Hamilton cabinet (no cases, sorry), a front/back slant top, mixed furniture, a Hammond Strip Rule cabinet, mixed rule, and much more.

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