Challenge Hole Punch floor model -Free

FREE floor model Challenge Hole Punch in Pittsburgh, PA! Come pick it up at Gingerly Press and it’s yours!

I am cleaning out equipment I do not use enough to make space for teaching public & private workshops in my downtown studio space this summer and would love to pass this working floor model Challenge industrial hole punch on to someone else who may find a use for it! It includes the original Challenge instructional booklet, 3 dies for various hole sizes and the wooden disks that sit under your paper stack while hole punching—everything you would need! Great for gift tag and bookmark production or for anything else you want to punch holes in! Come visit the Gingerly Press studio and pick it up for FREE! It’s heavy but it can be loaded into a midsize suv with the seats down no problem, laying on its back for transport. I’ll even treat you to a free Gingerly Press print or beer up the street if you can pick it up before June 2023! Thanks so much! -Lindsay

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