New Style Gauge Pins PAW -Claws

Easy to Use Gauge Pins
Paw-Claws letterpress registration gauge pins are 3D printed and designed for ease of use and quick, accurate registration.

The elegant design makes inserting them into tympan paper simple and fast, providing accurate alignment for your paper substrate.

To use Paw-Claws simply use a razor to cut a 1.25” diagonal slice in your tympan starting about 1/8” down from the edge of your paper. Insert the lower set of claws into the slice in the tympan and align the lead edge of the Paw-Claw with the edge of the paper to be printed. Taping them in place is recommended to maintain positioning throughout your press run.

Paw-Claws will not be interfere with wood furniture, reglets, metal leading or spacing material. WHEN USING A BOXCAR BASE PAW-CLAWS GAUGE PINS SHOULD BE POSITIONED BEYOND THE EDGE OF THE BASE.

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image: PawClawsoutsie.jpeg


image: Pawclaws.jpeg