Miehle Vertical - Sale or Trade - Cambridge UK

Miehle Vertical, serial B/881, manufactured in Great Britain by Miehle Printing Press & Manufacturing Co. Limited in London, England.

The Cambridge Museum of Technology (museumoftechnology.com) in Cambridge, UK, has a Miehle Vertical letterpress available for sale or trade. We don’t know when it last worked; it looks to be in good shape and it has been indoors since we got it.

The Museum doesn’t need such a high capacity printing press and so we’d like to sell it or trade it for something more in keeping with the exhibits we have in our Print Shop.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you’re interested in the press.

Other pictures of the press are available at https://i.imgur.com/r9uNM8j.jpg, https://i.imgur.com/8Ak9d8k.jpg, https://i.imgur.com/PCgYZCz.jpg, https://i.imgur.com/ouDqT9h.jpg, https://i.imgur.com/urJlurX.jpg, and https://i.imgur.com/eMnxH1Z.jpg.

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image: Meihle Plate.jpg

Meihle Plate.jpg