Heidelberg WIndmill free pickup

Separating this ad from my previous one because the Vandercook sold a while back ago. A local printer has was going to pick this up, but it didn’t work out.

Heidelberg Windmill available. I purchased this press around 2013, but actually never got a chance to use it. I bought it from a local dealer, and intended to use it for a large business card run, but decided to do it by hand on the Vandercook. I was on a time crunch and couldn’t find a pressman to train me in time for the project and I never got around to learning it.
It came with a 220v motor, but I never had an electrician wire it up in my garage. It looks like it’s in great condition and was properly working when demoed by the dealer, but unfortunately I cannot vouch for it operation now.
Since I can’t guarantee the condition of the Windmill, or tell you much about it, it is free to a new home. I know it needs new rollers. I had a local printer inspect it and said it was in very good condition. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the room for it.
Press is located in a residential garage with a flat and level driveway. Buyer is responsible for all shipping expenses and arrangements.

Please contact me with any questions or requests for additional photos.

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image: IMG_1675 2.jpg

IMG_1675 2.jpg

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