8x5 Adana Tabletop Press and Various supplies

Hoping to sell my mini-printing studio to another ambitious DIY’er. I prefer to sell everything as a set and not separately. Please do not inquire about individual sales. Looking for $2000 o.b.o. Pick-up only.

*8x5 Adana Press*

- In Good Condition; hinges are functioning smoothly. Ink-plate is flawless, with no dents or knicks.
- Missing rollers** (the rubber on the rollers has melted)

*Various Vanson Inks*

- VS306 Pantone Reflex Blue
- VS101 Black #10850
- VS301 Pantone Yellow
- VS357 Opaque White
- VS312 Pantone Red 032
- VS308 Pantone Green
- VS309 Pantone Transparent White
- VS871 Pantone Gold

*Misc supplies include*

- Wooden Type
- Boxcar Base 7x4”
- Furniture pieces in various sizes
- Hand roller
- A pair of Nitri Gloves
- Palette knives
- Pantone swatches
- Approx 250 sheets of Pearl White Crane & Co Fine Cotton Papers
- A litre can of linseed oil (no photo available)

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image: adanapress.jpg


image: adanadetail.jpg


image: adanainkplate.jpg


image: vansoninks.jpg


image: supplies.jpg


image: woodtype.jpg


image: paper.jpg


image: pantone.jpg