Pilot Press New Style -Restored

New Style Chandler & Price
Pilot Press for Sale

Press was recently completely restored, (see pix)

Chase size 6.5 x 10

Perfect starter press for someone that wants to get involved with letterpress printing.

Greeting cards, business cards, product tags, coasters, stationary, and other jobs can be printed on this efficient little press. It is hand operated and designed to be mounted on a bench or cabinet.

Little or no experience is required in its operation. It is quickly made ready, easily operated, and the printing results are exceptionally fine for such a small press.

This press, serial number P4961, was completely restored and painted. It comes with brand new rollers and trucks. The bed has been leveled and it is ready to print. This link is for video of pulling a proof on the press. https://www.flickr.com/photos/jaspers_pix/53284700792/in/dateposted/

A starter kit of items included with the press:

Two chases
1/4# of black ink, (brand new can)
Ink knife
Assorted pieces of furniture
Assorted reglets
Quoin Key
Composing Stick
Adjustment wrenches
Paw-Claws gauge pins
Tympan Paper
Pilot Press Operation instruction manual and Part List

Price $2,000

This press weighs approximately 200 pounds. This is not a toy press.
It is available for local pick-up only in Westchester County, NY about 40 miles north of New York City. (Shipping is not available.)

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image: Accesories.jpeg


image: Pilot Before.jpg

Pilot Before.jpg

image: Pilot finished.jpg

Pilot finished.jpg

image: Pilot process.jpg

Pilot process.jpg