Help needed identifying the type of a large green press

Hello, I have a very large green press which I am keen to sell however it is in pieces and I have no idea what sort it is!! It has T C Thompson and son Ltd printers engineers Manchester written on it. If anyone would be able to help identify it that would be very much appreciated. I will upload photos however it is tricky to do so for some reason on this site - if anyone has any tips on that that would be appreciated too :). with thanks and best wishes.

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The British Thompson, or Thompson-British Autoplaten was made in Manchester. Comparable to the Heidelberg platen, with some differences.
Some useful web pages:

Many thanks for your reply. I don’t think my machine is this big so after a bit of looking around I think it is the Gen 1. I am unable to upload photos. I have listed it on Ebay UK
for £350, parts/spares or repairs. Does that sound about right?