Delivery Table Release on Heidelberg Windmill


We are having a hard time lowering the delivery table (where the paper is dropped). The delivery table and feed table are both up high now. When you turn the handwheel on the right side of the machine counterclockwise, it just lifts the feed table higher. Is there way to release the feed table and delivery table from each other? The handwheel does not turn clockwise. When you turn it counterclockwise it just lifts the Feed Table (where you stack the paper). Thanks!

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Try holding the delivery table at the same time as turning the hand wheel counterclockwise. Sometimes the hand wheel gets over tightened. Just put a lot of pressure on the hand wheel. You can also lower the delivery table by raising the feed table all the way up and more until you hear the clicking of the gears. Not really good for the gears to do this on a regular basis.