Typeface ID Lightface Text

I would appreciate any info on this blackletter typeface. The case is labeled 18pt. Lightface Text, which doesn’t appear in McGrew’s nor the ATF 1898 specimen book. The pin mark would suggest it is from the Johnson Type Foundry in Philadelphia. I looked in the 1885 MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan book of Specimens and couldn’t find it either. Any other suggestion where to look or has anyone come across this face? I quickly printed a specimen last night - see attached photo. Thanks! Drew

image: lightface.jpg


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Circular Black, designed by Herman Ihlenburg for MacKellar in 1883. Here is a link to a specimen from an 1888 catalog:


Thanks Bob! So appreciate this! Drew

U. S. design patent number 13848. Your specimen is better than the one in the patent specification, so thanks for posting.