Craftsmen Monarch 9x12 Tabletop Letterpress

This antique letterpress is in very good condition. Quite similar to a Chandler & Price Pilot Press, this model has a larger printing area. The good thing with this press is that the company is still in business so you can purchase replacement parts from Craftsmen Machinery Co. which is very rare for that kind of old machines.
Perfect to print greeting cards, business cards, envelopes, bookmarks, tags, etc.

Included with the Letterpress Machine:

1- Sturdy Basic wooden table on casters
2- Two (2) rollers (in good condition)
3- Four (4) trucks for rollers
4- Two (2) 9x12 Chases (hard to find)
5- Four (4) Quoins
6- One (1) Quoin Key
7- 1kg (2.2lb) Van Son Rubber Base Black Ink


Local pick-up - Sorel, Quebec, Canada, (1 hr from Montreal)
Weight: 200+ pounds

Price: 4,500$ CAD

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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image: crafstmen-monarch-1.jpg


image: 9x12-chases-trucks-ig.jpg