Reprex (No.1) - Trip / print assembly action…video?

Hi friends,

I’m reaching out to fellow Reprex proof press owners out there to ask if someone might be kind enough to share a video on the action of the trip/print assembly. The trip/print lever on the operator side of the press does not work well (or sometimes at all). Before I take it apart, I’d like to see the action.

Mine has been wonky for as long as I’ve owned it and it would really help to see how it is *supposed* to work. It’s been a challenge to find any photos or videos of the “back side” of the press — and I would really love to see a working Reprex in the wild. (I do have the owner’s manual and parts list.)

Many thanks!
Cranky Sue

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This is the backside of a Repex no. 1.
Because of the image size limit here, I posted more pics that can be enlarged at

As for seeing Reprex in the wild. The Reprex press census lists 32 press of which 14 are No.1

image: reprext1trip.jpg


Hi, My class worked with a Replex # 2 for several years. I don’t have the proper terminology but the piece on the bottom left connected by two bolts became bent over time. One of my very helpful student made a new piece. When we replaced the old piece it stopped all the jumping off impression problems. Thanks for the photos Paul. Foothill Press

Hi Paul, your photos are enormously helpful — thank you so much. I’m thinking that my configuration may not be as bad as originally thought. And thanks to your census, I’m slowly contacting fellow Reprex owners to see if a visit is possible. It’s only been fifteen years and if I’ve learned anything from printing, it’s to be patient and keep hope!
Thanks again!