Nolan Remelter, Only two sides & bottom?

Hey everyone,

I recently acquired a one-ton Nolan remelter and have just had my electrician wire it. When I got it the seller told me it worked fine. However, only two of the four sides of the crucible get hot. The bottom also gets hot. Is that correct, or should all four sides get hot?

Also, does anyone have a copy of an owner’s manual or service manual for these that you could share via pdf?


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I’ll check my catalog of files for a manual but until then….As shown in this Nolan ad from the February 1954 issue of The Graphic Arts Monthly magazine, one of the most important things when using the Remelter appears to be proper attire. Luckily swimsuit season is right around the corner so selection should be good! :)


image: nolan.jpg



I couldn’t locate anything further in my files on the Nolan Remelter. Checked Letterpress Commons site - they have press manuals but no remelter info.

There was an inquiry on Briar Press back on Sept. 11, 2013 regarding a Nolan Remelter…here is that link:

You may also try sending a note to David at Circuitous Root. He has a Nolan as well and may have more info.

Good luck,
Bob P.