One Sucker Clogged - No Suction - Heidelberg Windmill

Hi -

We are running a Heidelberg windmill. One of the suckers is clogged. The other suckers still have suction and can still pull paper, so I don’t think it is the pump/filter.

Also, when the clogged stopper is turned on, and the other suckers turned off, the machine does NOT automatically stop when it missed a piece of paper. I think the sucker is clogged. When the other suckers are turned on, the machine DOES stop (as it should) when it misses a sheet of paper.

How do I clean one of the suckers? It is the middle sucker we use most often. I already put on a new rubber sucker.


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Reading old posts and it sounds like you can soak the sucker in boiling hot water with a small thimble type cup - then use a vacuum to try to clean out and debris. Is this correct?

Spray with “Brake Parts Cleaner”. Available at any hardware or auto parts store. Spray while turning the valve on and off. While it is still dripping, blast with air. Take off the vacuum hose first.

Paper dust lint and such can build up and almost harden inside air lines over time First yes to what ericm said. Be sure to clear the shaft up to the shut off. You may want to also try removing the air line and using a compressor to blow air into the shaft from the air line connection point and out through each sucker tube.