Briar Press auction: Complete letterpress shop, ended 10/29

Briar Press is currently holding an auction on eBay for a complete letterpress print shop in Dayton, Ohio. The auction will end at 9:15 EDT on Monday, Oct. 29. The shop includes a C&P press, and an excellent assortment of type, cabinets, ink, cutters, saws, galleys, proof press, and many many extras. It will be sold only as a complete shop. Set-up is appropropriate for hobby or business.

The sale of the shop is part of the estate of its late owner. The equipment must be removed within 30 days of the end of the auction. The shop will need to be moved by people who are knowledgeable about moving this kind and amount of equipment. Some idea of the contents: 8x12 C&P press; seven type cabinets; galley cabinets: two single units, one double unit, one four across, all 39"high; 18" inch guillotine paper cutter; Nolan Proof press; Kelsey Excelsior 5 x 8, Composing room saw; Lassco Corner Rounder; Lassco Spinnit Paper Drill; Multigraph; Post Card Printer with box and instructions; three filing cabinets with large card-size drawers for cuts and sorts; Protectograph Check Writer; much more. All equipment appears to have been well cared for. Previews can be arranged between now and the end of the auction. A direct link to the auction is posted above at "Seller's web site." Many photos and details are included in the listing. From time to time Briar Press holds auctions for printing equipment to keep this equipment in the hands of people who preserve or use it. These auctions are a free service of Briar Press and no commission or payment is received.

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