Harrild mystery press

Just wondering if anyone out there has any information about this Harrild press I’ve just inherited ?
It’s inking mechanism has been removed because it was used for many years for woodcut prints that required individual inking.

image: Harrild close.JPG

Harrild close.JPG

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Having trouble getting a picture to upload - sorry.

On BriarPress, you can’t upload pics with certain characters like “&”. If the file is too large, it will warn you, but not for the file name limitations.

If you can upload a picture I have an old Harrild catalogue I will dig out and look through and perhaps it may be in there.


Just label your pics as harrild1.jpg, harrild2.jpg etc.

Yippee: did it now - even though a poor pic; at least what I’m talking about can be seen.
Rochats in the U.K. have never seen one like it.

Could we have a few more pics taken a bit closer?

here are some I have found but this is old and some pictures have been cut out and some pages are better than others


image: SAM_0584.JPG


image: SAM_0580.JPG


image: SAM_0585.JPG


image: SAM_0583.JPG


image: SAM_0579.JPG


image: SAM_0578.JPG


image: SAM_0577.JPG


Can’t get to take more pics until later in April - it’s about 3 hours drive away, and yet to be moved to my studio.The Harrild catalogue images are wonderful - Many thanks.

Just being installed - 1/2 way there !!!
any more info?

image: harrild instb.jpeg

harrild instb.jpeg

image: harrild insta.jpeg

harrild insta.jpeg

The detail!!

image: harrild insti.jpeg

harrild insti.jpeg

image: harrild instk.jpeg

harrild instk.jpeg

image: harrild instj.jpeg

harrild instj.jpeg

image: harrild insth.jpeg

harrild insth.jpeg

image: harrild instg.jpeg

harrild instg.jpeg

image: harrild instc.jpeg

harrild instc.jpeg

The job done! Thank you Giles from AMR Press all the way from Cumbria.

image: harrild in.jpeg

harrild in.jpeg

Here’s your press in Edinburgh:

You could contact Harry, he’s still living in Edinburgh, Queensferry Rd. Maybe he’s got more information.

Thanks guys; It’s great to know there’s another ‘Harrild’ out there. Thanks for the link to the Flickr photos.
Not sure I understand the direction to contact Harry in Edinburgh? has he worked with this specific press?
In the note my Aunt left me - she said she’d acquired it from The Oxford University Press in 1972. Presumably when they altered their working practices?
Next week I get the other bits and pieces, and inks etc,; then ready for some woodcuts!

Harry used to be the printer to the University of Edinburgh and the owner of a typesetting and printing company. He retired several years ago, but is still actively running Monotype casters from a device that he developed himself. He used to be the owner of a proof press similar to the one that was shown/mentioned in the discussion.
That’s all

Hello Robert

I recently acquired a press very similar to this one. It is currently awaiting reassembly having been taken apart for repairs.
How have you gotten on with yours?
Have you learnt any more about it since 2018? I’d be interested in knowing when they were made.

I’ve tried to post a photo…but it doesn’t appear to be work!

Jon Moller
(odd coincidence with the same surname!)