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I think that you are referring to a...24 Jan
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The one factor that is NOT accounted...9 Mar
You have to better describe "type not...12 Mar
The 5" x 8" Kelsey chase is designed so...13 Mar
I too may be interested. I assume that...13 Mar
It also depends on what part of the...2 Apr
Is this a 19th century table-top...10 Apr
Hi John, I hate to be the bearer of...10 Apr
Since you are both in the Chicago area...19 Apr
For all of you die-hard...19 Apr
The other "problem" in trying to...19 Apr
Go to any local printing shop and see...26 Apr
After collecting type, typecases, and...8 Oct
Try to contact Paul Akin at the Platen...17 Oct
I'm afraid you are going to have to...19 Oct
I have been collecting and using type...22 Oct
This is NOT a C&P (Chandler & Price)...22 Oct
The auction on E-Bay will end at 6:15...25 Oct
Dave Peat actually has produced a...9 Nov
A 'normal' rule should work just fine....27 Nov
You can try Oblation Papers and Firefly...5 Dec
I thought I would take a minute or two...5 Dec
I thought I would take a minute or two...5 Dec
I am not near my reference materials...18 Dec
We definitely need a photo to have even...19 Dec
The name does not ring any bells at all...20 Dec