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Thanks for your comments, I think from...1 Jul
oprion; for the touch up I been useing...2 Jul
It gets my vote for A number 10 If its...4 Jul
You can get them on E-bay to in stock...5 Nov
That is a model 3 improved made by...11 Nov
I take it this is for holding the type...11 Dec
That is a good price if you can get it...24 Jan
If I am not mistaken you are refering...19 Mar
I have 2 of the model one They are very...21 Apr
I seen many at places I have worked but...26 Apr
Hi Kelly, Looks like the number 10...11 May
Hi That is a Sigwalt Chicago number 10...12 May
Baltimore #6 is a hand inking press....11 Jun
Could you put up a photo21 Jun
I sell rollers on Here and E-bay for...2 Jul
I have 2 rubber all new sets with...15 Aug
wow, . have you tried to go the other...2 Sep
It is a small box 17" long 10" tall 9"...5 Sep
Looks like it was metal type, found a...6 Sep
That is what I allway heard. Made...17 Sep
unique eye candy, early Baltimore 11...30 Sep
H2 has a 2 part chase Inner chase...2 Oct
can I ask where did you get your rollers4 Oct
Hi Tim you will need to make the chase...5 Oct
I have all new ones with out trucks...1 Nov
check E-bay26 Nov
Gripper bar holds the fingers that are...10 Dec
Remembering most letterpresses are...17 Dec
Gans is a ink company for Litho inks...17 Dec
It was copied from the old Baltimore 12...19 Dec
Just curious, Why is there no ink on...9 Jan
will the steel cores turn freely in the...27 Jan
You might check this one out. It is in...20 Feb
You should have the book for proper...28 Feb
There were many press makers that...4 Mar
If you are strong just keep turning, it...12 Mar
Looks like a Golding No. 1 Patented...17 Mar
There is one on E-bay now Item...30 Mar
The X was the last and lightest model...1 May
Is it true it is not the best press?...3 May