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presses etc.10 Feb 23
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Thanks for the info Dave. You may have...9 Aug
According to my sources it would be...14 Feb
Its a R. Hoe press which was first mfg....14 Feb
According to my sources it would be...14 Feb
Based on a recent purchase it seems...26 Mar
I am confused? It was only 3-4 months...26 Oct
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After a week or so of PB and removing...4 Jan
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The BB&S specimen book no. 9 has a...4 Dec
Thanks for feedback. Of the several...25 Feb
Those machines look fairly modern and...25 Feb
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Never felt this way about printing...1 Jun
mnmomm64 if you took the time to read...4 Jun
In reaching out to letterpress outfits...2 Nov
Ebay is a great place to find rare...27 Dec
Its a copy press. Don't do it, unless...21 Jul
Its a copy press. Don't do it, unless...21 Jul
I would suggest you consider your...12 Oct
Use naval jelly or some other chemical....7 Dec
Consider directly approaching other...16 Jan
Recently I called a plumber to scope my...29 Jan
The linkage may not be missing. On my...25 Mar
Open up a web browser and key in "Bob...28 Sep
Set up a search alert on eBay for term...24 May
Found one just like this recently. Its...26 Aug
It most likely was used in an office to...11 Feb
@tere I waver between thinking the...23 Mar
In mid-90s I offered to work at an...1 Apr
Thanks for finding that. Sides appear...5 Oct
In John Johnson's "Typographia or the...25 Mar
Kansas City10 Feb
Here is the poco with cabinet.10 Feb