Geoff Moor 

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I am a hobby letterpress printer using a treadle Arab press, a Golding Official tabletop press, a Pearl OS treadle press, a Model No 3, and a couple of others yet to be restored. Where possible, printers type is either hand set or Ludlow set, although nylo plates are sometimes used. I mainly print business cards, wedding invitations (often then driving the wedding party in my vintage 1928 Dodge) and other short run items. My location is on the west coast of Australia but through subscription to the Letterpress Discussion List have many interesting contacts elsewhere in the world.

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hi ,
i have a golding no1 pearl platen 5x8 and looking for some parts can you assist? chase, quoins, key, small furniture.
based in sydney.
[email protected]

Hi Geoff

I noticed on another website that you were trying to restore a Adana tp48. I’m in the same situation. I was wondering if you were willing to part with your press to help a new enthusiast get started printing. I have a motorised press that is missing its flywheel, and a few other bits and pieces. It moves freely so I know there is life sill left in her. Feel free to email me at [email protected].