Interested in apprentice-internship

My name is Norka Pérez and I came recently from Puerto
Rico to the city of Chicago, in order to learn more
about books and paper arts. Past semester I had the
opportunity to take Letterpress I with David Wolske at
the Columbia College Center for Books and Paper Arts. It was fascinating, and I want to now more about this arts.
Since then I had been searching on trying to become an
apprentice or do an internship with a book and paper
artist here in Chicago or in any other states. I already have basic knowledge in letterpress, bookbinding, paper marbling and creative writing.

I am a hard worker and passionate person, detail oriented, capable of learning new skills easily. Wiling to dedicate as much time as necessary in order to gain experience in typography, letterpress printing and bookbinding.

I am happy to relocate in another city, more warmer and sunnier than Chicago in order to work in this field.

If you will like more information, please reply to this post.

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