Windmill Roller Locks

I have a windmill black ball. Stupidly I used the roller locks to leverage a wrench to loosen the screws for switching between mag plates and polymer. I snapped the steel pin that is spring loaded to unlock the rollers. Any ideas where I can get a new one?

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Heidelberg might be a good place to start to identify the part and it part number in the parts manual. I have ordered some odds and ends from them for my press. If they are too costly perhaps an engineer could make one for you? Good luck :).

and if it any help I was printing the other day and forgot to lock the rollers in with this spring and I didn’t notice until I pulled the rollers off to clean them. m

There is a place in Forney, Texas called “Presswerx” and they have most parts for a Windmill. They aren’t cheap, but if you can identify the part # in the manual (available online via Boxcar’s site) you can call them and have them ship it. Most parts that aren’t original they have recast and I have used them several times for my Windmill.