what is the exact weight for a Heidelberg 10x15 Windmill??


I have been getting random speculations of what the weight for a heidenberg 10x15 windmill is from 1000 pounds to 3000 pounds. As you can see with these numbers, it is a bit frustrating.
I have personally seen one of these and it is a small machine (5ft by 4ft about)

Anyone know what is the weight of these for certain? Anyone have a manual or technical sheet that may list it and post it here?

Thank you!

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According to the manual, the gross weight of a 15 x 10 Heidelberg platen is 2850 pounds without the motor.

The manual is available from a letterpress website; I cannot remember which one, but do a Google and I’m sure you will find it.

As I had my press moved the crane driver weighed it for me and including the motor it weighed just over 1100kgs (about 2426 lbs) I know that’s not exact. However I think this could vary a little according to what has been added, taken away or worn down over time??

Thanks for the information you two provided.

I googled for the manual as Bern suggested, and I was surprised that there was actually a online manual.

It states the net weight without motor and without shipping materials is 2300 lbs.

Luckily these heidelbergs come with a pair of horizontal holes at its base. I am planning to stick a pair of long 2” diameter strong steel rods and then use a forklift to put it on top of a industrial pickup.

Yes - I Utilised these holes in the same way. They also came in handy when lowering the press to the ground, a couple of pallet jacks were also very useful - good luck!