Morton Typefoundry, London

Has anybody any information on this typefoundry?
All I have is from Talbot Bains Reed’s book ‘History of the Old English Letter Foundries’.
The firm appears in the Post Office Directory from 1869 to 1912, at 167 City Road. A specimen-book was issued in 1875, and another in 1881, showing the ‘latest collection of German and American novelities’.’.
Can anybody add to this?
Anybody have a specimen-book?


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I worked in the UK printing industry for 52 yrs from 1942 and I have no recollections of ever having heard of this foundry. Sorry I cannot help.

I knew nothing about the typefoundry until I came across a 12pt quad with ‘MORTON’ on it, this sent me searching for the foundry, and so far this is all I have come up with.

Are you based in London? You could try researching it at St Bride’s Library. If they don’t have any information I don’t know who will…

Hello Rose,
My next move is to make trip to St Bride’s, an appointment is needed to view the collection of Typefounders specimen books, these unfortunatly not catalogued for access on the internet as to what titles they hold. So here’s hopeful.
Many thanks for your comments.

I have a font of type with the pin-mark “City Typefoundry, London” on it. This can be viewed in the Pin-Mark section of the Birar Press Museum when it is back on-line.