Blank Business cards?

Does anyone know where I can order precut, blank business cards for letterpress printing? I dont have any type of cutter and thought this would be the easiest way to go at making business cards. That way, I could just feed my Tabletop Kelsey one at a time.

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Buy a manuel card cutter, google it, if you are interested, i have one for sale… can send you a pic tomorow.

I would like to see a picture, how much?

50$ plus shipping.



How old is it? what about replacing the blades? I searched it and it cuts 10 per letter sheet, you would think it would be designed to 12 since thats the max you can fit on a regular sheet. I wonder why they didnt do that. 4 colums, three rows instead of two colums and 5 rows.

It’s hardly used, but you can not replace the blades.

I imagine it’s 10 on because of fit. 12 on is pretty tight on a letter sheet. I’m sure it’s needs a fair amount of paper to grip after it cuts.

paper source sells blank business cards- try there