Finding someone to cut paper

I’m interested in having some parent sheets cut down to smaller sizes. Would this be something that I should ask a local print shop to do? Would they maybe do this for a small fee? Open to other suggestions. I’ve heard to steer clear of Kinko’s, etc.

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Yes, you can ask a local shop, but look for a more traditional shop that can appreciate quality and will probably have a sharp blade and true backstop. Use caution with quick print or chain copy shops.
You can expect to be charged a small fee. Some shops will have a minimum charge, but we do it for a dollar a minute.

Personally, I find it hard to charge a $20 minimum to take 5 minutes to cut some paper down.

If you are in North Jersey I would be happy to do it for you. We do it for a lot of people.

whomever you are buying the full size parent sheets from should be able to provide you with a cutting service, most paper resellers will charge $1 per cut, really, check it out.

Good luck!