One big download?

I don’t want to seem like a leech, but…

is there any way to download all the Free Stuff from cuts & caps in one big download? I don’t intend to redistribute or anything; I just like to browse stuff locally rather than using a web app to pinpoint what I want to use for whatever I happen to be working on at the moment.

Even if there were a small fee for this, I would pay it. Hint, hint…

If not, well - I have nothing to complain about; this site is a dream come true (just found it yesterday). Thanks for all your hard work!

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Oh, and another thing: I have a fair number of woodcuts and a set of initial caps as well, all in SVG. The woodcuts are public domain ones that I vectorized and tweakd myself; the caps are from a rather lovely font of vectorized woodcut caps that I converted to SVG (the font also seems to be public domain). Do you folks take contributions?

The ability to accept submissions would definitely be a step in the right direction. I’d also love to see some public domain cap fonts. It’s relatively easy to make an otf font if you don’t need to wrestle with kerning tables at all. Anyway, just an idea….

Hello Etaoin & Keoxa,

We’ll gladly consider any ornament contributions to the Cuts & Caps. However, we currently have no mechanism that would allow visitors to upload ornaments on their own. We don’t even have a way to give credit to the submitter.

Anything can be built, of course, and I like your submission ideas. Serving up fonts shouldn’t be too difficult. But our priority at the moment is the long-neglected Museum, which still needs several months of work.

As for downloading the collection all at once: I realize that would be easier for users. But we never intended to distribute the collection as a ‘lump sum’ and would prefer to avoid the complications involved in maintaining and hosting a duplicate/combined/free archive.

On the other hand, I rarely rule anything out. I’ve added your thoughts to my giant wish list and will consider them again. Thanks for your interest!

Yes, it would be great to be able to uoload images to the site.
My colleague and I got the image of the man at the jobber made into an angraving, but first we edited it into a woman, since that was more representative of our all-lady printing shop. It would be wonderful if I could upload that for all the other lady printers!
(see attached image)

image: lady_prints.jpg