Letterpress Hobby Group in NH or VT?

I printed in high school and college with my Kelsey 5x8 and C&P Pilot and now wish to reestablish my “print shop” and get back into hobby printing in conjunction with my bookshop. Are there any letter press hobby groups in New Hampshire or Vermont (or nearby Massachusetts). I am on the Connecticut River 30 miles north of the Mass border. thank you, yours, RAY

image: A View in our Out-of-Print Book Shop

A View in our Out-of-Print Book Shop

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Since you are relatively close, it might behoove you to try to get to the Amalgamated Printers’ Association annual wayzgoose to be held in Springfield, MA this year on June 6 & 7. This will be your best chance to meet maybe 100 or so members of this letterpress hobby group. There will be great comraderie and a wonderful letterpress flea market/swap meet on Saturday morning at the Clarion Hotel.

Contact John Barrett 413/732-0399 ([email protected]) for more information. Even if you don;t want to show up for all of the events, the Saturday morning swap meet should not be missed.

This waygoose is hosted annually in various parts of the country and next year it will be in Iowa, so this is your golden opportunity to check it out.

You might also join the Letterpress Guild of New England (www.lgne.org). They have events about once a month and membership ranges from aficionados and hobbyists to working commercial printers. In fact, there’s an upcoming swap next weekend…