Letterpress Class at The Cooper Union (NYC)

The Cooper Union have a letterpress course scheduled for this summer. This nine session course will be held in our letterpress studio in Manhattan and will make use of the studio’s five Vandercook presses.

Letterpress Printing on the Vandercook Press-

In this class conducted in the Cooper Union letterpress studio students will learn the basics of printing in letterpress. You will learn how to set type using wood and metal typefaces and how to print your work on the studio’s Vandercook presses. This will be a hands-on class that will suit those who love design and typography but need a reprieve from the computer screen. This course will be an in-depth experience in letterpress for those interested in taking things beyond basic hand-set type composition. We will explore ways that images, foil stamping, die cuts, scoring and perforation can be incorporated in your designs to achieve great effects. During class the students will have time to work on projects of their own using the studio facilities (primarily the Vandercook presses) and to troubleshoot problems encountered with the assistance of the instructor. There is no pre-requisite for this course, but a familiarity with basic type terminology will be beneficial.

For more info or to sign up see the web address below.

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