Footprint of a 10 x 15 chandler and price

I was wondering if someone out there who has a 10 x 15 C & P could measure the footprint of their press. I am bringing the press through a door that measures 35” w - then I need to take it up on a VERY small freight elevator. I’m picking up my press this saturday and want to know in advance how much disassembling I will have to do in order to get it into my studio. I just brought a 26” guillotine paper cutter up and had to take it all apart…
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out on this!

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With the crankshaft and throwoff lever removed you will be able to get it through openings as narrow as 31.5”. There should be some information in the archives of this site or the Letpress listserv about removing these parts. You’ll need some tools and some muscle (and probably some penetrating oil), but it beats having to take the whole press apart. Good luck!

Simply remove the feed table and delivery top. A closed 10x15 can be ‘walked’ (think: sofa) through a normal 32” doorway.

Good advice from forme… I had never thought about pivoting back and forth through a door like a sofa. Never had to move through anything narrower than double doors though. If you can avoid pulling the flywheel and pinion… by all means do.