Art Larson, printer 

Horton Tank Graphics

Since 1987 Arthur Larson has been printing fine letterpress books for many distinguished artists & publishers, including Leonard Baskin’s Gehenna Press, Barry Moser’s Pennyroyal Press, and Michael Kuch’s Double Elephant Press. He is especially adept at printing woodcuts and wood engravings. He also specializes in printing damp. He prints with Vandercooks (a No.4 & a Universal IV (maximum sheet = 32.75 x 29.75) and a Heidelberg platen press. Yes, he also does commercial work and can print 20,000 cards a day with the best of them. He prints from Monotype, photopolymer plates, or hand set type (the favorite). The shop is equipped with more than 200 fonts of wood type and more than 300 fonts of metal ornaments.

image: View of shop.jpg

View of shop.jpg