Teach me letterpress


I live in Portsmouth UK and have recently bought an Adana eight five. I need some lessons in using it. Is there a letterpress club or someone willing to give me a few lessons who are local to me?


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Check out the site British Letterpress http://www.britishletterpress.co.uk/

Good luck!

Hello Dean
I live down the road in Southampton and taught lithographic and letterpress printing at the College of Art there for many years. Previously taught same subjects at Portsmouth C of Art. Southampton has since become the Solent University and no longer runs interesting craft courses! I am long retired but still remain hooked.

If I can help with any problems you experience please contact me.
Best Wishes, Dennis

Thanks for your offer. If you or others are willing to continue to share your letterpress experience, you are welcome to submit a free, permanent ad to the Printer's Yellow Pages in the category of Tutors. The Yellow Pages are searchable by location so a listing makes it easier to find people willing to help others.

I have been giving lessons to new Adana users for many years. If you would like to come along for a day of one to one instruction, let me know. I am not far from Aldershot and belong to the Solent Branch of the British Printing Society.