Arts & Crafts Press

Founded by Bruce Smith & Yoshiko Yamamoto, we are a small publishing house producing books and other works of interest to those concerned with the Arts and Crafts movement. All the publications of The Arts and Crafts Press are letterpress printed and bound by hand.

The Press also produces greeting cards and artworks that are letterpress printed from hand cut blocks inspired by the turn-of-the-century movement.

The Press uses five different ways of printing: (1) Our own hands wielding a baren; (2) An Reliance iron handpress, circa 1860; (3) A Colts Armory Press, 1904; (4) A Chandler & Price Price, about 1915; and (5) A Vandercook Model 4, circa 1940. Since each color on every piece of paper printed has to be hand feed into the press being used, our production is limited.

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