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I live in the UK (London) and would love some advice on particular brands of paper people would recommend for printing on and potential suppliers (particularly any in London that I can visit to examine swatches).

I am predominantly printing wood type on a Vandercook, I’m really looking for a white which will give me some impression and be a good all rounder. The Vandercook is new to me, (until now I have been using an Adana and just buying odd bits from Paperchase, or using whatever I can find at work,) liberated, and a little scared, by the new press I’m looking for a ‘trusty’ paper which isn’t going to be too expensive as I learn but will be nice enough to produce typographic broadsides.

Thanks for any advice, Alistair

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Hi Alistair,

I’ve found the best papers for leaving a deep impression is either Cranes Lettra (which I got from GF Smith - London office) or Somerset Velvet which I cut down to size myself and you can get from almost any art shop. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the help Ironfire, some Cranes sample sheets are on their way

Hi Alistair,

I would steer clear of buying paper retail… paper suppliers such as GF Smith often have low minimum orders (25 sheets or so), which is much more cost effective, even including the delivery costs. Others we regularly use are paperback, RK Burt and Fenner Paper.

Wherabouts are you based? We have a small workshop down in Camberwell…


Thanks Rose,

I tried some of the Cranes Lettra 300gsm from GF Smith, it’s nice stuff, so I’m going to order some more sheets of that. I need to ask them for some swatch books and have a look at what else is available, I’ll also look into the other suppliers you mentioned.

I’m East London, I’m not commercial, the press is a hobby, a break from the frantic world of advertising.


I think you would like Zerkall for ease of printing and its not that expensive.
John Purcell Paper are excellent for all good quality printing papers and they will send sample sheets. 0208 737 5199