Printing Problems on the Adana 8x5


I finally got everything I needed for my Adana and decided to give printing a go.

I’m using photopolymer plates on a boxcar base and the results aren’t coming out very well unfortunately!

I have been adjusting the screws on the back of the platen and this has made the print only slightly better but still very poor with bits missing and light ink coverage in areas.

I was hoping some letterpress experts may have some more suggestions of how to fix printing problems on the Adana or should adjusting the screws do the trick??

Many thanks in advance,

Debs :)

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Do you happen to have the manual that comes with your press? I have the 5x3 manual and it mentions a few fixes for the problem… Is your padding all new and do you have enough? You might try increasing it a bit and see if that helps.

Hi Debs,
You need to have a good block, which needs to be completely level and even, as does your mounting. You need rollers that are completely smooth, preferably not too old (they can shrink) You need fresh packing on the platen, firm (not too soft) When you have this in place, push the handle down to the stops, tighten the impression screws as hard as you can by hand with the handle still depressed. release handle and tighten screws another quarter turn. You should now be getting a full impression, depending on the size of the block you will need a fair bit of pressure (use both hands) Any blurring is caused by roller slur, lock the runners to the roller, with tape if no screws provided. If all of this fails join the British Printing Society where all the Adana owners meet!
Kind Regards,

Thanks to both of you for your comments. I’m hoping to have another go tomorrow so will try your suggestions.

I’m also going to look into the British Printing Society!


I also just scanned in my copy of Printing Made Easy by Adana to send it to some folks on another letterpress discussion. It is a big file but I could load it to a file sharing site for you to download or print in out and send it to you in the mail if you are interested. Let me know- it is a pretty helpful little book.
Take care, Annie

Hi Annie,
A few months later…I’m about to buy an Adana 8x5 for my husband - he has some experience printing, but I’m sure the Adana book would be helpful. Is there any way I could please get a copy from you; did you ever load it to a file-sharing site?
Many thanks,

Caslon still seems to have the manual available for the 8 x 5 Adanas. If I’m not mistaken for £1.50. I could scan my copy and send a PDF.

Tried Caslon for the manual (Printing made easy - Adana 8x5) but it seems that the last one has now gone. I would appreciate a PDF copy.


AnnieR and all,

The Help section on Briar Press has a list of instructions and manuals of this sort at . If you are willing to send the PDF to me, I would be happy to add it to our list for downloading from our site, giving credit to you through your username.

I have an Adana 8x5 as well. Did you ever get a really good print using PP and following all the tips above?