W.M. Riess, owner 

Quaker City Type Foundry

Offers a selection of popular serif and sans serif typefaces as well as a variety of cuts, dingbats, borders, and decorative material. Also metal rule, musical symbols, monograms and initials. A few supplies such as plastic type cases, type brushes, type gauges, and gauge pins are also available.

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7 comments about this listing

Hi! I used to purchase from you, but I no longer have a catalog of your type faces. Can I purchase another one? Bill Dustin, 95 Madonna Ln., Newbury Park, CA 91320. (805) 498-4351

I would like to order your specimen type catalog. How do I go about ordering.

I, too, would like to get a catalog and/or ordering information.

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I have bought many fonts from Bill, and his type is o the highest quality. He is delightful to deal with, has reasonable prices, ships promptly, and packs his type so that is ALWAYS arrives in perfect condition. I will be ordering more type from him in the future, to supplement my collection, and for projects I am doing in pursuit of my MFA. When it comes to finely-crafted “utility type”, Bill is my “go-to guy”. Highly recommended!


I would like to get a catalog. My name is Jennifer MG and I live at 1711, n 11 Boise ID 83702. Please respond via email to confirm receipt of this request.



Apparently out of business; posted on the Quaker City webpage: http://excelsiorpress.org/forsale/type/QuakerCity.html
update 10/2017
We are sorry to report that Bill Reiss has retired from the typesetting business and is no longer casting, nor selling type.