Seeking Internship/Apprenticeship/Shop Assistant position

I fell in love with letterpress when I studied printing and typography at Smith College a few years back. I’m looking for an internship, apprentice or shop assistant position working with letterpress equipment and design. I have a solid background in hand-set lead type, some experience printing from plates on Vandercooks, some graphic design experience, as well as an interest in the larger book/paper arts field. At Smith I also did work-study in the letterpress studio in addition to my own work, sorting pied type and keeping the shop organized.

I’m itching to get my hands working with type and presses again. I have a very flexible schedule at the moment, and I’d be willing to start with an unpaid internship and doing the dirty work to get back into the field. I’m located near Boston with reliable access to transportation, looking in the greater Boston area. Feel free to contact me for my resume or more information.

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