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Again from a total newbe. Where can I buy ink online? I have tried acrylic paint, Japanese ink pads - and even if the effect is interesting and painterly, I would like to try something else. Cheers.

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Assuming you are referring to ink for letterpress printing (metal, polymer, wood type, woodcuts, or wood engraving) go online to any of the following companies: Van Son ink, NA Graphics and my favorite: Gans Ink, Los Angeles. Each will ship at reasonable cost. You don’t mention the city in which you reside. You will need to specify’Rubber-Base’ ink or ‘Oil Base” ink. Characteristics of each category can be located elsewhere on the Briar Press site. Suggest trying local supplier to minimize shipping costs.

Vance Studley

Thank you for your advice! I live in Copenhagen and just bought two sets of wood type.

Oft repeated advice - local offset printers have leftovers well suited to small projects. And they are down the street, not across the pond. But they may have EU hoops to jump through before selling or sharing.

Venlig hilsen from Colorado

Hello I have recently purchased 3 Adana presses a 5X3,6x4 and an 8x5 all in good condition and ready to print, but I am struggling to find a supplier for ink, I only need small amounts perhaps 3 or 4 colours can anyone help.
John, Exeter UK.

Getting leftovers from local offset printers is great advice, but if that doesn’t work for some reason or you just prefer smaller quantities, Caslon (the current owners of Adana) have several colors of ink in tubes listed on their website, as does NA Graphics. I don’t have a website (yet, anyway), but I also have a variety of colors of ink available in tubes and I’ll be happy to send a list to anyone interested - email requests to Ink(at)

Thanks! Dave (the Ink in Tubes guy)